The Center of Reproductive Medicine (CORM) in Houston, Texas is dedicated to providing exceptional care for our patients undergoing fertility treatment. Our high pregnancy success rates are among the many reasons you will want to choose CORM for your fertility treatment...

  • In-house SurgiCenter
  • State-of-the-art IVF lab
  • Convenient locations to serve you
  • Competitive fertility treatment pricing and special payment plans available
  • Personalized care by our infertility specialists
  • Friendly and caring staff and clinicians
  • FREE sperm cryopreservation for MILITARY Servicemen
  • UNLIMITED/FREE Frozen embryo transfer(s) with IVF contracts
  • 2nd IVF cycle FREE of physician fees


Our Mission Statement

  • To foster a positive and nurturing experience for all of our fertility treatment patients.
  • We are committed to providing the highest quality fertility treatments, delivered with utmost respect, dignity and compassion.
  • We are dedicated to examining and investigating the specific cause of each fertility problem, recommending and implementing the best fertility treatment in a most cost-effective and minimally- invasive approach.
  • We strongly believe that providing excellent care is the key to our success. By working together, we shall bring out the best in each other.







Our Philosophy

At the Center of Reproductive Medicine, We Believe The Following Principles To Be True & Timeless:

  1. We will continue to develop an organization that will deliver quality fertility clinic health care at a reasonable cost in accordance with each patient’s needs while generating a reasonable return on investment.
  2. We attribute our success to, and recognize that our future success is dependent upon developing and utilizing our greatest asset --- people.
  3. We have great confidence in our employees and will relate to and build upon their strengths.
  4. We will maintain a compensation policy which closely relates performance and rewards.
  5. We will make sure that employees clearly understand their duties and responsibilities and their authority to discharge them.
  6. We are committed to an effective communication system that will provide appropriate and timely interchange of information.
  7. We believe in decentralized management whereby professional leadership will provide a climate of high expectation, trust and integrity.
  8. Management will be encouraged to work with physicians to effectively deliver health care for infertility treatment without conflict of interest.
  9. We are committed to participate in personal and corporate activities benefiting our patient, state, and nation.
  10. We are committed to a thorough and thoughtful planning process which will guide the destiny of the facility.
  11. We will maintain a strong, viable financial position, which will continue to deserve the respect of and give confidence to the financial and investment communities.
  12. We are committed to conducting our business with integrity and rendering our services always on a high, ethical level.