Sperm freezing is an option for men faced with potential delays in starting a family. This could be due to cancer, illness or surgery, or even for men confronting decreased fertility or undergoing a vasectomy, but wish to keep their options for starting a family open for the future.

Free Sperm Freezing for Servicemen

The Center of Reproductive Medicine (CORM) has the utmost respect for the men who serve our country. For those brave individuals who are facing deployment and want to guarantee sperm availability for the future, CORM offers free cryopreservation of sperm.

Sperm Freezing and Sperm Storage

The process of cryopreservation, or sperm freezing, is simple and safe in terms of protecting genetic material. Sperm is frozen in liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -196 °C and cells remain unchanged until they are thawed. The success rate of conception using frozen sperm is excellent and the specialists at the CORM sperm bank in Houston are pleased to be able to offer this service.

Pre-Testing for Sperm Freezing

CORM features a full IVF laboratory on-site, and complies with Texas state law regarding pre-testing for sperm freezing. Screening for infection and sexually transmitted diseases must be completed as part of the sperm freezing process.

Sperm Freezing and Sperm Bank Information

You will need to schedule an appointment for sperm collection. To ensure maximum motility, we ask that you refrain from any sexual activity for at least two days before arriving at the clinic. This includes sex or ejaculation from masturbation. Sperm produced after two days of abstinence will usually have higher counts of motile sperm than semen after shorter or longer abstinence. Other factors affecting sperm include smoking, alcohol, and cocaine or marijuana. Please let the medical staff at CORM know if you are on prescription drugs, as some medications can have an impact on the production of sperm.

For sperm freezing, you will be required to ejaculate directly into a sterile container in the privacy of a collection room. While some men may be a little uncomfortable about masturbating to produce a sample, the medical staff at CORM makes sure that your privacy is respected and no time constraints are placed while at the clinic.

Contact Us for More Information About Our Houston Sperm Bank

The Center of Reproductive Medicine is the only accredited Tricare infertility treatment provider in the Houston Bay Area/Webster and Southeast Beaumont area. Tricare insurance covers infertility diagnostic testing and covers the cycle management portion of a treatment cycle.

For more information on this service or to answer any questions with complete regard for your privacy, feel free to call Jonathan Richards, Lab Director, Center of Reproductive Medicine, at 281.332.0073. Richards has been the Laboratory Director at CORM since 1995.