The Center of Reproductive Medicine of Houston is home to two exceptional reproductive specialists who have been successfully treating infertility for over 20 years. When you review fertility clinics, please consider CORM’s consistently high pregnancy success rates. Each of our reproductive specialists has a different communication style and bedside manner to meet the specific need of the individual. The success rates of our reproductive specialists remain consistently high, so the only question that remains is which of our infertility specialists is right for you?

In Houston, Beaumont, Pearland and Southeast Texas you have many fertility centers and reproductive specialists to choose from. However, CORM’s fertility centers provide many advantages.

  • Unlimited/Free frozen embryo transfer(s) with IVF contracts
  • A state-of-the art IVF lab
  • Competitive Infertility Treatment Costs and infertility payment plans
  • High pregnancy success rates
  • An in-house surgery center (reducing the cost of egg retrieval and embryo transfers)
  • Semen testing and free sperm cryopreservation for military serviceman
  • Convenient locations
  • Prices sensitive to cash pay infertility patients

The reproductive specialists here at CORM are elite infertility doctors. With our advanced technologies available we are able to offer the best comprehensive fertility evaluations and infertility treatment plans to help infertile couples successfully achieve pregnancy.

CORM makes every effort to reduce the cost of infertility treatment for patients by offering infertility financing and doing as many of the procedures used to treat reproductive disorders as possible, in house. For example, our onsite SurgiCenter allows for a new minimally invasive alternative to vasectomy reversal, known as testicular sperm aspiration, or TESA. This allows couples trying to achieve pregnancy to avoid a surgical procedure, reducing fertility costs.

We also draw upon the latest advances and the most sophisticated methods available in infertility and reproductive therapy. Our reproductive specialists provide complete infertility diagnostic testing and fertility treatment plans including semen analysis, natural fertility cycle management, artificial inseminations (IUI), HSG’s, in-vitro fertilization, (which may include intracytoplasmic sperm injection, or ICSI), fresh and frozen embryo transfer, egg retrieval and storage to aid in the fertilization process.

At CORM, We Care About Results

Among fertility clinics, CORM is set apart. Our reproductive specialists provide results. During this stressful time in your life you need accurate and clear information, a clear proven strategy, and a reproductive specialist that is obsessed with success. We want the fertility treatment information that is provided to help you make an empowered, informed decision about the infertility specialist and strategy you will choose in trying to conceive. Our experienced reproductive specialists and amazing support staff will work closely with you to choose the appropriate fertility program for your reproductive challenges. For more information about becoming a CORM success story, call us today to schedule your new patient consultation.