Thank you!

Kim and Brian

We can't thank the Center of Reproductive Medicine enough. We were always treated in the most caring and professional manner. They explained our options at each step with no pressure to choose a particular treatment. All of our many questions and follow-up questions were patiently answered, and we received prompt responses to our phone calls and emails. As a result of the exceptional care... we welcomed our beautiful daughter on November 24, 2015. Every time we get to hold and kiss our baby girl, we are so thankful to the Center of Reproductive Medicine for making this possible for us.


Thank you a million times over!

The O'Donnell Family

My husband and I are beyond thankful for the amazing team at the Center of Reproductive Medicine. After over 10 years and four reproductive specialists they finally figured out the magic combination to help us create our beautiful family. I am now a mommy to our handsome twin boys despite a diagnosis of PCOS and low ovarian reserve. We love the whole team, they are truly miracle workers! Thank you a million times over from the whole O'Donnell family!


Now we are blessed with a baby boy!

Erica and Jesse

When we decided it was time to have a baby, we were in our mid 20's and had achieved our goals where we felt like everything was in place to start a family of our own. Little did we know that this would begin our journey down infertility lane. After 2 years of trying, I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. I kept track of my cycles, I monitored the difference in cervical mucus to determine my window of ovulation and nothing, not even a positive ovulation test. I know the window of ovulation is small so I figured we were just missing the right moment. Within the next few months I had my yearly check up with my OBGYN. And he asked the big question. When was I planning to have a baby. He was surprised to hear we were trying for 2 years without any luck. That was the day he helped change our path to our journey by suggesting we seek help from the Center of Reproductive Medicine. It was hurtful seeing our friends around us having babies without struggle. And now I felt like we would get relief and answers. We had an appointment with the Center of Reproductive Medicine. They explained the different types of infertility and steps of treatments. After several test and evaluations Our journey with corm led us to Intrauterine insemination (IUI). We were successful after 1 round of treatment. Now we are blessed with a baby boy. Thanks to the staff of nurses and doctors for making the journey to parenthood possible.



Heather B.

My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for 4 years. We had started at another fertility clinic and were told to "try harder". A friend had gone to CORM and highly recommended them. So we decided to give it another try. We started our journey with CORM in July 2015. Everyone we dealt with at the Webster clinic was so sweet and helpful. We fell in love with the staff. Although our first round of IUI didn't work, they didn't give up on us. We tried a second round the following month. Next week I will be 32 weeks pregnant with a baby girl, who we can't wait to meet. She's strong, healthy, and feisty. If it weren't for CORM we wouldn't be preparing to meet our little Miracle! Thank You!!!


Gave me answers when I needed them the most!

The Dubose Family

I found myself in the Center of Reproductive Medicines office after a heartbreaking miscarriage and being told that it was "normal" by my current doctor. Since I was 34 I didn't feel like I had the luxury of time, I went to CORM for answers. While they agreed the miscarriage was common, they also agreed that time was of the essence. They offered me a test that my other doctor had never even heard of and identified the cause of my loss. They also found an unrelated, but potentially harmful (yet easily manageable) genetic mutation. They immediately started me on a vitamin supplement for that and his staff held my hand through the first trimester of my next pregnancy. As I write this, I have a sleepy, but healthy five month old baby girl on my lap. I'll never forget about the baby boy that we lost, but I'll always be grateful to the Center of Reproductive Medicine for giving me answers when no one else would.

CORM is the Center of Reproductive Miracles!

Erika V.

I can’t express enough how wonderful the Center of Reproductive Medicine treated me during my procedures, consultations & clinic visits. The doctors and staff.. from my nurses to the front desk, were absolutely top notch professionals with such compassion. My husband & I felt we were with family every time we went in. I'm now 38 weeks pregnant after my 1st cycle & life is so amazing awaiting our first son! A huge Thank you to CORM for making our dream, after 7 years of infertility issues, finally come true!

I am beyond thrilled!

Jamie C.

After waiting many years for a baby, we have been blessed with our beautiful baby girl. I was afraid to do IVF, but am now so thankful we did it! The doctors and staff were awesome and extremely supportive in the first weeks of pregnancy when I had some complications. After a bumpy pregnancy, I am beyond thrilled to now have a happy and healthy baby!


Thanks to God and our CORM family!

Kristen R.

20 yrs of best friendship ever with my hubby, 1 miscarriage, many moons of praying, hoping, wishing, dreaming etc,…we FINALLY were blessed thanks to GOD & our C.O.R.M. FAMILY!! Thank you so much to the doctors, nurses & staff!! Because of you all, our miracle beautiful daughter Khalista is here!! She was born on Thanksgiving Day last year "2014". Turned 9 months today. U are our earth angels!! God bless you all!! And keep Faith to all of you beautiful people just trying to start a family.


Blessed and thankful!

Lisa H.

I just want to give a big "Thanks" to the doctors and staff @ CORM. I had already seen 2 other fertility doctors when I came here and the experience I had at CORM was so wonderful. They were very friendly and helpful and treated me like I was their only patient. Even though I had to travel from my hometown to every appointment, I can say it was well worth it. The doctors and staff are very knowledgeable and professional and I would highly recommend them to any woman dealing with infertility. I feel so blessed and thankful that I was referred to CORM because now my dream of becoming a mother is coming true.


Dr. Perfetto in the Houston office is awesome!

Nazy G.

After experiencing 4 miscarriages within a year and a half we couldn’t wait to find someone with some answers and empathy. The doctors answered our questions and soothe our fears. We have been able to conceive now, we had attentive care, and we are overjoyed and beyond comfortable with our decision. We looked forward to our appointments with the Center of Reproductive Medicine and to see the progress of our new bundle of joy. The staff was very friendly, professional and knowledgeable as well.


There's no place like CORM!


My husband and I started with CORM August of 2015.The process was complex but the TEAM made it easy for us. After 5 months, I'm pregnant with twins! This page isn't enough to give appreciation to EACH and EVERYONE who helped us to have TWO MIRACLE BABIES. Yes, CORM is an Angel sent from Heaven! And so with the incredible team that I LOVE VERY MUCH! They stand on their mission of dignity, respect, and care to their patients. That's why it's like Home for us whenever we have doctor visits. My husband and I feel so cared for and respected.

We greatly appreciate the doctors, nurses, and entire TEAM.


Very thankful!

Kathryn N.

Back in 2012 the Center of Reproductive Medicine assisted my Husband & I in getting pregnant with our first born. After having a miscarriage they took extra precaution & noticed I had a Subchorionic Hemorrhage where my standard OBGYN had failed to notice. The CORM team took excellent care of me * baby for the 1st trimester. I was on bed rest & 9 months later we had our son, Roman. They are now assisting us a 2nd time and we have no doubt they will assist us again!

Utmost respect and care!


I just wanted to say thank you all for the wonderful treatment I received at your clinic. My husband and I came to you after receiving my diagnosis for breast cancer in February. Fertility preservation was suggested by my oncologist before I was to go under chemotherapy. CORM provided all the information we needed and there was no question to move forward. They were very positive and eager to help us before I was to undergo surgery and treatment. Our fertility nurse was absolutely fantastic. She was warm and caring throughout all the shots, ultrasounds, and consultations. And I don’t want to forget the other doctors, nursing, and office staff. Everyone provided us with the utmost respect and care during the difficult time. We will never forget that and want you all to know we both appreciate everything that was done for us. We are now looking forward as I get through chemo and recovery. We also look forward to hopefully starting a family in a couple of years, with the help of CORM. Thank you all again.


My experience with CORM has been amazing!

Stunika B.

My experience with CORM has been amazing! They are the most patient and understanding practice I have ever seen. My first experience with IVF was with a totally different doctor/group and I had a bad experience. So having experienced IVF before, I can confidently compare the difference. Our doctor was such an intelligent and skilled physician. She diagnosed my uterine fibroids. I am totally impressed that she is not only an expert in infertility treatments, she also operated on me herself to remove the fibroids. She ensured that my uterus was in top shape to eventually carry a baby or two! The nurses have held my hand and listened to all of my issues from day one! I cannot express the comfort of having competent, experienced, and compassionate nurses answering every concern. The practice is ran well! They explain each and every step. My nurse even went through each medication from my big box with me. That took a lot of pressure off and guaranteed prevention of med errors.

Even though I am a RN, that box of expensive meds can be intimidating. I feel so blessed that God led me to CORM. I said I would never do IVF again, but here I am! This process with CORM has been a calm, well-informed, and peaceful one. Of course I could not have done this without my wonderful husband’s support. I cannot convey how impressed I am with the professionalism, expertise, and efficiency of this practice. Now I have a beautiful set of healthy twins; one girl and one boy!


So thankful for CORM!

Jessica A.

I am so blessed for team at CORM. My experience with them has been humbling and amazing. They offer continuous support, and they treat my family and I wonderfully. The doctors always take the time to make sure that I am comfortable and answers all of my questions. My appointments are quick and I never have to wait for long periods of time. The entire staff is very helpful, and will help you with anything you may need, or questions you may have. I know with the help of the doctors and the staff at CORM, we are one step closer to becoming a family!

Very thankful for the staff!

Maram Quttina

Dr. Vicki Schnell is the best. She is the baby maker. She has a wide experience in infertility related problems. She is very knowledgeable about every condition she tackles. I am very thankful to her and her staff.

Helpful and kind staff

Adams Victor

The staff was helpful and kind and went out of their way to make me comfortable. I was in the lab area and the experience was pleasant. The lobby had the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and was a comfortable place to wait. No complaints. Wonderful efficient staff and an overall good experience for a medical clinic. The front desk is a prize! Great job, everyone!

Knowledgeable and caring staff

Sara B.

Dr. Kathiresan is fantastic! She is knowledgeable and caring and never makes you feel rushed during your visit. She is a wonderful doctor and I absolutely trust her competency!

Very accessible team

Kristin Strength

Dr. Kathiresan, her team, and all of the staff at the Center of Reproductive Medicine have been so knowledgeable and compassionate as my husband and I navigated our fertility journey. We felt truly known and cared for by everyone there and appreciated that the teams were accessible when we had questions or concerns. Dr. Kathiresan was patient, caring and honest each step of the way. The team was right there celebrating with us when we received the good news of our little miracle on the way. I can't recommend Dr. Kathiresan enough for anyone seeking a reproductive endocrinologist.