The Green Family

The-Green-Family-Large.jpgMy husband and I had decided to wait one year after getting married to have kids. At that one year we were so excited to start our family but quickly realized that trying to have a baby is actually pretty exhausting. After almost two years of trying, one miscarriage, and seven rounds of Clomid we decided it was time to see a fertility doctor...

We came to CORM not really knowing what to expect but everyone was so helpful and friendly we felt at ease. I never felt like I was asking a dumb question and I always felt in control of our journey. Dr. Crochet was always supportive of my wishes and gave very honest answers, which we appreciated. All the staff at CORM were amazing and made me feel like they were invested and cared about our journey. We had the laparoscopy and were informed we needed to do IVF in order to start our family due to secondary hydrosalpinx.

Even though I knew IVF was a possible suggestion, never in a million years did I think we would actually have to take it that far. So my husband and I went home and discussed finances and what we were willing to do. We quickly decided anything was the answer. So we started our IVF journey with renewed excitement, just knowing that this was it, we were going to be parents. We did countless injections night after night. We did it all exactly as we were supposed to. And then it failed.

We were devastated. We had the meeting with Dr. Crochet and decided to try the Frozen Egg Transfer as I still had several embryos frozen. We again got very excited and thought for sure this was it, only to have the cycle cancelled as I was not responding to the medication correctly. I was done...emotionally, physically, and financially I just could not do this anymore. I discussed this with my husband and we decided to give the FET one last try and then move on to adoption because I just could not handle the let down anymore. So we went in with wary feelings for our final FET with the embryo glue at Dr. Crochet's suggestion.

I did not feel any different. I did not want to get too excited just to be let down but I kept thinking there was no way this did not work. And lo and behold, it did! My blood work at 2 weeks showed I was pregnant and the draw 48 hours later showed the numbers doubling nicely. I could not wait for the ultrasound just to see that little bean in there and know this is real. We got the surprise of our lives at the ultrasound when Dr. Simms announced that the SECOND heartbeat looked great.

That moment changed our lives. We had a very smooth pregnancy and our son and daughter were born happy and healthy on October 29th. We cannot even describe how blessed we are because of the help from CORM. Every temper tantrum just makes us remember how lucky we are.


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