One of the definitions Webster’s Dictionary uses to describe the word leader is “to prepare the way for.” When CORM is referred to as a leader among Texas infertility clinics, we feel honored. We are blessed enough to have a role in the most precious process on this planet -- giving the opportunity to help someone with the chance to create life.

When many couples research infertility clinics, reproductive specialists and especially infertility doctors, they are overwhelmed with information. At CORM, we want to empower our patients with information about the most important factors in order to enable them to make an intelligent and comfortable selection because, ultimately, you are placing the opportunity for life in our hands.

If you have been researching infertility clinics, you might have noticed there are many unknowns involved in the selection process. So, how do you choose? We believe you should find out the following answers before you make your selection:

  • Services offered onsite – leading infertility clinics will offer the most critical services such as semen analysis, HSG’s, and if you are a PCOS patient they can check your tubes and monitor your ovaries at their offices.
  • Laboratories onsite – fertility centers should have laboratories onsite that meet very specific standards such as a qualified lab director, and an evacuation plan for frozen embryos for fire or weather emergencies.
  • Ranking – SART, CDC reporting and certification records should all be easily laid out for patients so they are aware of the class of an organization.
  • Communication – Quality infertility clinics should communicate to you what you want to know, what you need to know and even what you didn’t think you needed to know.

Our goal at CORM is to provide you with as much information as possible about our infertility clinics in a simplified, clear and understandable manner so our patients will know that they have made the right selection with us. Our infertility clinics in Houston, Beaumont, and Webster, Texas offer top of the line amenities for our clients because the potential for life is our utmost important goal for you. We carry a high standard throughout all of our endeavors and we want you to not only become a part of our family, but be capable of having your own. If you are in search of quality infertility clinics, your search is over. Trust CORM and we will do our best to serve you. Call today to set up a consultation.