Are you Researching Fertility Centers and Still Asking Which One is Right for You?

If you are having difficulty conceiving due to fertility issues, choosing the right fertility clinic will be a very important decision. If you have received an initial diagnosis and you now want to push forward with trying another way, you should be aware of the challenges you may face. Many find that financing the cost of infertility treatments, as well as effectively managing the physical and emotional demands, can be difficult, but well worth the wait. The quality of the fertility centers you review and the quality of those reproductive specialists working within them is paramount to a successful outcome.

As you are studying fertility centers and infertility doctors, you can get overwhelmed with information. The Center of Reproductive Medicine wants our patients to be empowered by the education they receive from our staff and doctors. You shouldn’t leave any fertility centers with lingering questions, but answers that help you move forward in your quest to begin a new life.

When Researching Fertility Centers, Be Sure to Measure:

Success Rates: These can be are tricky. Fertility centers are required to submit their data to independent organizations called the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) or the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). But if the fertility clinic performs infertility studies on behalf of major drug companies, the data can be skewed, reflecting the success rate of the drug and not the practice itself. If an infertility clinic does studies, make sure to look at several years of data!

Cost: When researching fertility centers, ask for the typical cost related to services, including all and any fees associated. If the pricing is too far off one way or the other compared to other fertility centers, something is amiss. Although cost depends on an individual’s treatment plan, a clinic should be able to give you a general cost of infertility treatment at certain phases of treatment. Fertility centers should also be able to provide you with information for treatment financing, educate you on what will be covered by insurance, and any other tips on saving money, like fertility medication discounts or any studies they may be doing that can help with cost. When asking for cost, demand full transparency! If something is free, make sure you ask what is not free!

These two measures for fertility centers are very important. At CORM, we will offer you this and much more information during your consultation. Call us today to set up an appointment at one of our two locations. We look forward to meeting with you.