Egg donor profiles are available for couples to view by clicking here: Egg Donor Characteristics.

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By clicking on the Egg Donor Characteristics link above, you are able to view information on potential egg donors such as ethnicity, race, hair color, eye color, skin type, height, frame, age, education level and occupation.

Egg Donor Process

The egg donor is screened and every donor receives a comprehensive medical evaluation to determine their suitability as an egg donor.

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At the Center of Reproductive Medicine in Texas, we are very proud of our Third Party pregnancy success rates.  We have consistently stayed above the national average since 1999.  For more information on our pregnancy success rates, please see our statistics.

Experienced Reproductive Medicine Specialists Make a Difference

Our highly trained and experienced reproductive medicine specialists will be happy to discuss the egg donation screening process with you further, whether you are a potential egg donor or a couple in need of Texas infertility treatment.

We often receive referrals on patients who have had difficulty with standard infertility treatments at other clinics. We offer a wide variety of infertility treatment services that help those couples who have experienced more fertility challenges than others.

The Center of Reproductive Medicine always provides a positive and nurturing environment for all of our patients. Please call 281.332.0073 to discuss your individual interests and concerns with a qualified infertility clinic professional today.