Be a "Miracle Maker" by becoming an egg donor

Egg donation has been in practice in the U.S. since 1986. A Miracle Maker is an exceptionally generous person who donates her eggs anonymously to an infertile couple.

Apply Here to Become an Egg Donor

A woman who receives donor eggs may do so for the following reasons: previous chemotherapy, premature menopause, absent or declining ovarian function, transmission of genetic disease, or poor oocyte/embryo quality determined by past IVF cycles.

To begin the donor application process with the CORM egg donor program you must meet the following basic qualifications:

  • Female age 19-30
  • Non-smoker
  • Healthy weight range
  • Normal results from physical exam, ultrasound, and consultation at our office
  • Normal results of lab tests
  • Psychological consultation and personality testing of you with a psychologist

If you are interested in becoming an egg donor, please complete our Egg Donor Application.

Apply Here to Become an Egg Donor

Once we have received and reviewed your application, you will be informed whether you have been denied or will proceed to the next step in becoming an egg donor.

If you are chosen to continue in the donor process, you will be asked to complete a more detailed Donor Application Form and provide 6 to 8 photos of yourself, including one (1) full-length photo.

After we have received and reviewed your records, we will schedule a consultation, possible physical exam and ultrasound. You may have a hormonal blood test done on your first, second, or third day of your menstrual period. You will complete the remaining requirements (lab tests and psychological evaluation) after a recipient couple has chosen you.

If you complete the qualifications, you will be notified and matched with the recipient to start the process. You will have a second consultation with one of our doctors to discuss consent forms