The Center of Reproductive Medicine is dedicated and compassionate about providing professional guidance for Texas families that want to grow and are trying to find an egg donor. We know that every client has a unique life experience that has carried them to this point. Wherever you are in the selection process, we will work with you to find an egg donor you are compatible with. . First, we will empower you with the knowledge of what you should be considering in fertility centers. Next, we will try to meet the standards you are expecting and attempt to match you with one of our quality donor egg selections.

We offer several options to our clients who are considering gifting or using donated eggs, including:

  • A wide variety of backgrounds and characteristics to choose from.
  • Well-screened donors who have carefully considered the egg donation process.
  • The most advantageous requirements and in-house interview process must be met to provide a donor egg to ensure the most healthy specimens await perspective parents.
  • Making sure to counsel our donor egg providers on our process, risks, aftercare of the donor eggs and anything else they may have questions on, including the confidential nature of the arrangement with recipients.
  • Doing everything possible to ensure all donors are well informed, committed and well compensated.

After several consultations with our reproductive specialists, we try to make you feel like part of our family. Once we are aware of your requests for donor egg match selections, we will make suggestions of specific donors that come to mind that may suit your needs. From start to finish, we will go out of our way to provide everything you need to make your donor egg selection. We want you to walk away knowing you have made the right choice for a donor egg and are excited about the process.

Finding an egg donor can be scary and confusing. The Center of Reproductive Medicine wants you to know we have fertility doctors that are dedicated to walking you through the process step by step. They will answer all of your questions so you can make a well informed decision about using donated eggs and feel perfectly confident about it.

When to Consider Egg Donation

After a complete evaluation and assessment of your case, your physician may recommend the use of donor eggs to increase your chances of becoming parents. Our doctors and medical professionals will walk you through the process step-by-step, answering any questions and offering support. Couples may want to consider donor eggs if the female partner:

  • Doesn’t respond to ovulation induction medication
  • Is undergoing premature menopause
  • Has been diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve
  • Has received chemotherapy treatment

For more information on becoming an egg donor, please visit our Egg Donor Application.