Vaginal Ring for Birth Control Study

A Clinical Resarch Study For Women

 Are you interested in participating in a clinical trial studying an investigational vaginal ring for birth control?

If you qualify for the study, you may receive:

  • Investigational birth control medication at no cost to you for up to one year
  • Study related care at no cost to you
  • Possible reimbursement for time and travel

To learn more about this study and its possible risks and benefits, please call (281) 332-0073



These clinical trials are ongoing at the Center of Reproductive Medicine. Not all of these studies are currently enrolling.

  • Illumina PGS Clinical Trial
  • Beckman-Coulter AMH Clinical Trial
  • Watson Fibroid Clinical Trial
  • AbbVie Fibroid Clinical Trial M12815
  • Ferring IVF Megaset Clinical Trial
  • Merck Dysmenorrhea Clinical Trial 060
  • Merck Contraception Clinical Trial
  • AbbVie Endometriosis Clinical Trial M12821
  • AbbVie Endometriosis Clinical Trial M12702
  • ObsEva Endometriosis Clinical Trial
  • Finox IVF Clinical Trial
  • Beckman-Coulter PCOS Clinical Trial
  • Ferring Lutrepulse Clinical Trial