At The Center of Reproductive Medicine, a Houston fertility clinic, we attempt to provide as much information as possible to aid our patients through the infertility treatment process.

Please give us a call at (281) 332-0073 with any questions you may have, or continue to peruse the many pages of general and specific information that we have made available for you to view on our website.

General information on this page describes a few details regarding our clinical approach, fertility medications that may be a part of your treatment plan, and the roles played by the various members of CORM staff who will be assisting you to achieve a safe and successful pregnancy.

Infertility Team Approach

CORM has many different reproductive medicine departments to facilitate your care. These departments work together to ensure your infertility issues are met.

Role of the Infertility Clinic Staff

CORM's infertility clinical staff consists of Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, and Certified Medical Assistants. They are specially trained in infertility through the attendance of annual meetings, post-graduate courses, and conferences.

Each member of the CORM staff plays a major role in patient education and coordination of your fertility treatment cycles. Our staff also facilitates communication between patients and reproductive medicine practitioners. The RN's are trained to perform intra-uterine insemination (IUI) and follicular ultrasounds, perform phlebotomy, teach injection training, and assist the physicians.

Role of the Embryologists / Andrology Staff

The embryologists maintain the IVF laboratory, perform ICSI, assisted hatching, and provide the right environment for the embryos to develop while they are outside of the female body.

CORM embryologists also provide education to our patients through an informative IVF seminar. In this seminar, quality assurance issues and strict guidelines followed in ART procedures are reviewed.

The andrology staff performs semen analysis, advanced semen tests, and processes endocrine (hormone) testing on site.

Role of the Fertility Clinic Administrative Staff

The fertility clinic administrative staff at each of our Houston locations supports CORM patients by facilitating all non-medical issues such as financial consults, billing, insurance verification, pre-certification, authorizations, appointment scheduling, and medical records requests.