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Does Birth Control Impact Fertility

[fa icon="calendar'] Dec 8, 2016 12:35:41 PM / by Center of Reproductive Medicine
Posted in Health, Fertility, Birth Control

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If you have been having difficulty getting pregnant, it’s possible you are wondering, “maybe my birth control has something to do with it.” It’s not a crazy thought, and many women don’t take birth control because they are afraid it will result in this very issue.

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The Truth About Stress and Fertility

[fa icon="calendar'] Dec 6, 2016 9:00:00 AM / by Center of Reproductive Medicine
Posted in Health, Reproductive Specialist

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“Just relax and you’ll get pregnant.” The first time you hear it, it’s easy to dismiss. But by the fiftieth repetition, this well-meaning advice from clueless loved ones can make your blood boil. Does stress cause infertility? Not usually. Indeed, relaxing and hoping for the best might be the very worst thing you can do for your childbearing prospects.

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Is There a Link Between IVF and Cancer?

[fa icon="calendar'] Nov 16, 2016 1:13:15 PM / by Center of Reproductive Medicine
Posted in Health, Research, IVF

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TV host Giuliana Rancic has long been open about her struggles with infertility. In 2011, she announced that she would be fighting an even more difficult battle -- this time with breast cancer.

Rancic's own doctor even refused to continue her fertility treatments, citing concerns that high doses of hormones involved in the treatments could speed the growth of her cancer.

The news re-triggered a longstanding debate within the reproductive health community:

Does in vitro fertilization (IVF) increase the risk of ovarian, breast, and other reproductive cancers?
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Yoga for Fertility: The Science Behind How It May Help

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 11, 2016 12:33:59 PM / by Center of Reproductive Medicine
Posted in Infertility, Health

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Infertility is a complex and extremely frustrating position to be in. There are those that have visited multiple physicians and received some explanation as to why they are having such difficulty, and some who still have little to no clue as to why they are not having success getting pregnant.

In some cases, the male could have a low sperm count or the female may have blockage in her fallopian tubes. In less defined cases, it is possible that a big part of your issue involves stress.

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Fresh Vs. Frozen Embryo Transfer for IVF: Which is Better?

[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 16, 2016 10:03:19 AM / by Center of Reproductive Medicine
Posted in Treatment, Health, Houston IVF Specialists

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If you are considering undergoing IVF treatments, it is possible you have been hearing some conflicting rumors about which process you should use and what’s most successful. For decades, since experts began working with assisted reproductive technology, fresh embryo transfers appeared to consistently have a higher success rate than frozen ones (FETS).

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Doctor: Men Should Freeze Sperm Before Traveling to Zika-Infected Areas

[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 15, 2016 10:45:25 AM / by Center of Reproductive Medicine
Posted in Health, News

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8 Ways to Increase Fertility in Men

[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 9, 2016 11:49:33 AM / by Center of Reproductive Medicine
Posted in Infertility, Health, Male Fertility

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Women are not the only ones responsible for taking care of their overall health in expectation of a successful pregnancy. A woman’s reproductive organs may be fully functioning, but if the male’s sperm is not healthy, fertilization can be very difficult.

It’s not always easy to face the fact that something may not be working properly in our systems, however, it is not uncommon. Don’t lose faith, there are a number of easy adjustments a man can make to increase his sperms’ performance.

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40 is the New 35: What to Consider for Getting Pregnant at 40

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 30, 2016 11:41:57 AM / by Center of Reproductive Medicine
Posted in Fertility Tracking Apps, Health

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A generation ago, mothers over 35 were swiftly labeled “older mothers” and “high-risk.” While nothing has changed about human biology over the last several decades, one thing has changed: women are waiting longer to have children, devoting more time to their careers, and facing fertility issues directly related to age at a higher rate than ever before.

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