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    Receiving a False Positive Pregnancy Test: Can PCOS Be to Blame?

    July 3, 2019 / by Center of Reproductive Medicine
    Posted in Infertility Treatment, PCOS, False Positive Pregnancy Test


    There is perhaps nothing more frustrating than a false positive pregnancy test. One minute you’re celebrating impending parenthood. And the next you’re grieving a baby who never was. PCOS will not cause a false positive pregnancy test. In fact, false positive pregnancy tests are so rare that most women will never have one. PCOS can, however, affect your ability to get pregnant. It also increases your risk of a very early miscarriage. Early miscarriages -- called chemical pregnancies -- are easy to confuse with false positives, since tests will initially result as positive and then later tests result as negative.

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    Can Medications Result in a False Positive Pregnancy Test?

    June 20, 2019 / by Center of Reproductive Medicine
    Posted in Fertility Journey, Signs of Infertility, False Positive Pregnancy Test


    Infertility is deeply frustrating, striking at the very core of who you are, what makes you human, and how you feel about your body. Many couples spend years taking pregnancy tests at the very first sign of a pregnancy or missed period. Some begin testing as soon as the woman ovulates. So the faint pink or blue line on a pregnancy test can spark jubilation, especially if you’ve previously seen dozens of negative tests. Yet false positives do happen. Medications can cause a false positive pregnancy test, turning your hope and jubilation into despondence and disappointment.

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    False Positive Pregnancy Test vs. False Negative Pregnancy Test

    June 5, 2019 / by Center of Reproductive Medicine
    Posted in Fertility Journey, False Positive Pregnancy Test, False Negative Pregnancy Test


    A false positive pregnancy test is very rare, but false negatives are extraordinarily common. That's comforting news to people struggling with infertility, especially those dealing with the chronic frustration of month after month of negative tests. Of course, averages and data about pregnancy tests don’t tell you much about your individual case, or what you can expect as you navigate the choppy waters of infertility. So what do you need to know about false positive and false pregnancy tests? Here’s an overview.

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    How Long Does it Take Sperm to Fertilize an Egg after IUI?

    February 5, 2019 / by Center of Reproductive Medicine
    Posted in IUI, Fertility Journey, False Positive Pregnancy Test


    People considering fertility treatments often focus on in vitro fertilization (IVF). IVF can be highly successful for the right person, but it’s also expensive. Intrauterine insemination (IUI) offers a success rate of 10-20% per cycle. This makes it a highly effective treatment, and one that is much more affordable than IVF. For couples with unexplained infertility and some other fertility issues, it’s a great option. Moreover, because it’s more affordable, most families can pursue several cycles of IUI, increasing the odds of a successful pregnancy without breaking the budget.

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    How Common are False Positive Pregnancy Tests?

    January 28, 2019 / by Center of Reproductive Medicine
    Posted in Fertility Journey, False Positive Pregnancy Test


    If you have dreams of becoming a parent, fertility issues are among the most challenging issues you can face. Thankfully, modern science has advanced quite a bit in recent years, allowing for female infertility to be more accurately tested for and diagnosed than ever before. For couples and individuals alike, the sensitive nature of infertility is certainly an emotional time, and perhaps nothing is more frustrating than a false feeling of success.

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    Negative Pregnancy Test: Why You Could Receive A False Positive

    December 11, 2018 / by Center of Reproductive Medicine
    Posted in Health, Fertility, False Positive Pregnancy Test


    If you are hoping to get pregnant, you most likely already have some pregnancy tests in the bathroom cabinet waiting for your tiniest inkling of hope to arise. Therefore, when you do suspect that you are pregnant, you probably do not wait for very long before you check. When the test gives you a negative result it is incredibly disappointing, especially if you felt sure that you were pregnant this time around. In fact, so much so that it has you wondering if the test could possibly be wrong.

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