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    Switching Fertility Clinics? 5 Things To Consider

    May 17, 2017 / by Center of Reproductive Medicine   

    Center of Reproductive Medicine


    Your relationship with your fertility clinic is imperative to the amount of patience and self preservation that you are able to maintain while undergoing treatment. This is an incredibility sensitive time for you, and every staff member at your clinic should exude behavior that acknowledges this. It is not easy to find a clinic that you can be positive you can depend on and there may always be a little voice in the back of your mind asking if you should try a different doctor.

    This is especially the case when your treatments have not been successful. Keep in mind that these things sometimes take a little (or a lot) more time than we want to give them. Also, changing doctors is not easy.Your reasons for making this switch should be crystal clear in your mind.

    To help you on your way to decide whether or not it is a practical decision to start seeking out a new Houston fertility clinic, we have compiled 5 important things you will want to consider during this time.

    How Does The Clinic Make You Feel?

    To delve a little bit deeper into the subject of your relationship with your clinic, really take a minute to think about how going there affects you. You should always feel:

    • respected
    • safe
    • taken care of
    • comfortable
    • that your healthcare providers are reliable and properly informed
    • that you are welcomed warmly by staff
    • that you are truly heard by your doctor
    • that you are fully informed about your treatment
    • that you do not feel like just another number

    If this does not describe what you experience at your clinic then it is time to explore other options.

    How Much Of A Chance Have You Given This Fertility Specialist?

    When you first start out with fertility treatment it is hard not to get discouraged if your first cycle is not a success. Once they continue to fail, that feeling will naturally only continue to grow stronger. Make sure that you are speaking with your fertility specialist about success rates and the probability of success for you. Just because the IVF cycle has failed does not necessarily mean that your doctor doesn’t know what they are doing. If your only reason for leaving is that the treatment failed, you should try having a conversation with your doctor first to see what your options are.

    Have You Tried Taking Another Treatment Approach?

    You may want to discuss taking another approach with your fertility specialist and see what information they can provide for you. If your current clinic cannot offer you another option, or is completely set on the idea that you are using the right technique, it is wise to go and get a second opinion. Some fertility clinics offer a larger variety of fertility options than others do. It is important that you are at a fertility clinic that you know can be completely accommodating to your needs. Deciding that you want to explore a different avenue of treatment is completely your decision and something that your doctor should be willing and able to explore with you.

    Trust Your Gut

    No matter what, it is vital that you listen to yourself and trust that you know what is best for you. You might have to take some time to carefully consider the matter, but overall you will know when something just is not right. If there is a nurse that is rude to you or your doctor always seemed rushed when you meet with them, you are left feeling unwelcome and uncared for. You should never feel this way after leaving your fertility clinic.

    The Time is Now

    If you have already been seeing a fertility specialist, you undoubtedly are aware that you do not have all of the time in the world. This fact can be daunting and makes the issue of wasted time a major one. If you are below 30, you can give yourself a little more time to be sure you are in the right place. If you are nearing 40, you may not want to waste too much time taking chances.

    Is It Time To Switch?

    In any case, if you are not completely sure, try not to make any rash decisions. It is always a good idea to make a list of pros and cons about making this switch and see what you come up with first. Try to be objective before jumping right into a new fertility clinic. Make sure that you are thinking realistically about what problems are occurring and how much of them are under your control.

    Discuss your concerns with your spouse, or a loved one, and see what your fertility specialist has to say about everything. If you are convinced it is time for a change after all of that, then do it. Remember that this is your body and your life and when it comes down to it, it is about no one else but you and your partner.

    It may be time to see what other fertility clinics are available to you in Houston and exploring your options never hurts. Do what you believe is right for you and there will be no room for regrets.

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