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    IVF Outcomes: How to identify a Successful Clinic

    November 1, 2016 / by Center of Reproductive Medicine   

    Center of Reproductive Medicine

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    There are a number of fertility clinics listed online as being “the best” and “most successful places to go.” Unfortunately, most likely these places are very expensive and not even in your area. Better yet, the clinics that are conveniently located near you will not hesitate to tell you that they are the best in town.

    So, how are you going to be able to tell what makes a good fertility clinic? First, you will want to be sure that the clinic is aware of the proper steps of a standard successful IVF process.

    Standard IVF Procedures

    • Your physician should begin by analyzing the semen health of the male.
    • Then, they should undergo a trial embryo transfer to get familiar with the female’s anatomy. This will provide them with the path the embryo will need to take and the distance between the cervix and the top of the uterine cavity.
    • You should be offered stimulation drugs to increase the number of eggs that will be mature enough to be used for fertilization.
    • Then the physicians will move on to carrying out the ovulation induction, egg retrieval, and finally the embryo transfer.

    Other Factors to Consider

    It is not a simple thing to compare the success rates of different clinics. There are a number of factors that come into play. Depending on who the patients are, what treatments they are receiving, and how the cycles are being reported may affect the amount of success each clinic has. In other words, the clientele play a major role in this equation. However, every clinic is required to provide you with their success rates. When reviewing a clinic, you will want to look at:

    • The amount of training and experience the staff has
    • The amount of live birth rates achieved compared to IVF cycles
    • How many patients became pregnant with multiples
    • The conditions of the laboratory used by the clinic
    • Who are the patients accepted by the clinic? What is the age range and why are they having trouble conceiving?

    Analyzing Success Rates

    A clinic’s success rates tend to be shown in 3 different ways. They will be compared to the national average success rate, the number of treatment cycles carried out with how many resulting in life birth, and the predicted chance of a woman getting pregnant at that clinic. If the clinic’s success rates are significantly higher or lower than the national average, it is likely that there is an obvious reason for it. Usually it has something to do with the amount of clientele accepted and what their fertility issues consist of. Keep in mind that if a clinic accepts more patients with complicated fertility issues, they will probably have a lower average success rate as a result. The majority of overall success rate data is taken from individual treatment cycles and the outcomes monitored by the clinics themselves. They are responsible for making sure the data recorded properly reflects the treatments they carry out with all of the important facts included.

    How To Investigate

    As you are investigating clinics and doing your own research, you will want to be prepared with what specific questions to ask in order to gather the necessary information during your interviews.

    1. Ask questions pertaining to your specific condition. Your options and the success rates you will want to pay attention to are all based on your individual diagnosis.
    2. Ask questions to determine the clinic’s experience. For example, enquire about the number of people they have seen similar to you.
    3. Meet the laboratory staff. These are the people who will be handling the eggs, sperm and embryos, so you want to be sure they are competent individuals.
    4. Compare prices and success rates to other clinics in the area. Price does not necessarily determine the quality of treatment they provide. You can request a written estimate of all your costs and find out if the center accepts your insurance in order to properly make these comparisons.

    Though you may be in a hurry to get started, don’t hastily brush over these steps. There are clinics of all different qualities out there, it is possible a company could appear to be more reliable in the beginning then they turn out to be. Because of this, it’s wise to get the opinions of people who have had experience with the clinic.

    If you find a clinic you like, see if you can meet or somehow talk to people who have used them. Be patient through this process, you will want to be sure that you are putting your money and trust into a place you can truly depend on.

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