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    How To Know If It's Time for a New Infertility Institute

    December 28, 2016 / by Center of Reproductive Medicine   

    Center of Reproductive Medicine


    Infertility can be exhausting. Many couples find themselves obsessively poring over fertility articles, scanning for signs of pregnancy, and compulsively taking pregnancy and ovulation tests for a year or more. For those struggling with infertility, this stress is just the beginning. Invasive tests, endless waiting, and intrusive doctor’s appointments are inevitable ingredients in the Houston infertility institute package.

    But when is waiting merely frustrating, and when is it a signal that it’s time to switch to a new Houston infertility institute? As with most infertility queries, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. If you’re considering making a switch, try asking the following questions.

    Do I Know the Clinic’s Success Rate?

    Fertility clinics specialize in one service: creating successful pregnancies. For this reason, they must gather and report data on their success rates. Your clinic should make this data readily available. If not, you can research the Houston infertility institute you’ve chosen by following this link. The average IVF success rate hovers around 25%, so numbers significantly below this figure should give you pause.

    Am I Treated Like a Person?

    Infertility can be agonizing, particularly if you’ve lost multiple pregnancies. There is no medical reason for your infertility clinic to treat you like a number. You're a human being with feelings that matter, and therefore worthy of respect. Consider switching if:

    • Your provider makes you feel rushed, or will not answer all of your questions.
    • The support staff is rude or unfriendly.
    • Your concerns are dismissed or belittled.
    • You don’t feel comfortable with your physician.
    • Visiting your fertility clinic is inevitably a stressful experience.

    Does the Clinic Take an Individualized Approach?

    Some fertility clinics are little more than IVF peddlers, but IVF is not appropriate for all cases. It’s also among the most expensive treatment strategies. Your clinic should embrace an individualized approach, crafting a tailored treatment plan based on your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

    Your lifestyle can affect your fertility, so your provider should be interested in your health history, lifestyle, and even mental health. If you feel that you’re being pushed toward a single treatment strategy or that your provider does not understand how treatment fits into your lifestyle, it’s time to move on.

    Have I Gotten Clear Answers?

    Sometimes there’s no clear reason for fertility issues. We call this unexplained infertility, and it can be maddening. But in most cases, doctors can uncover a specific issue that has triggered your infertility. Your provider cannot adequately treat your condition if he or she doesn’t know what it is.

    Before moving on to any treatments, your doctor should give you clear information about why you are infertile, whether any lifestyle or health factors contribute to your infertility, and how likely it is that treatment will succeed. You cannot make good decisions without accurate information, so a doctor who is unwilling to provide you with clear, specific answers to your health questions reduces the odds of treatment success.

    Has My Provider Given Me Multiple Treatment Options?

    It’s rare that just one treatment option will work. For example, a woman with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) may respond well to lifestyle and dietary changes, hormonal treatments, or in the case of a woman with PCOS who ovulates infrequently, better intercourse timing.

    If you’re being pushed into a single treatment, ask why. IVF is rarely them only option. And even when a more effective medical remedy is available, your doctor may be able to recommend less invasive treatments and lifestyle changes. If you can’t get clear answers about your options, try a new Houston infertility institute.

    Is the Clinic Willing to Work With Me on Financial Issues?

    Infertility treatment can be costly. It’s hard to put a price tag on your dreams of becoming a parent, and impossible to assess the value of having a child. Financial worries should not thwart your fertility plans. The best fertility clinics understand that money shouldn’t determine who gets to have a child. Ask the clinic you’ve chosen about its payment and financing options. You should have a number of options, and the clinic should offer compassionate financial counseling. If it doesn’t, it’s time to try a different facility.

    Does the Clinic Look at Multiple Fertility Factors?

    Infertility is a complex health challenge that may have multiple causes. Twenty-five percent of infertility cases are due to multiple factors. The fact that your doctor has found one cause does not mean that he or she has found the cause. If you still can’t get pregnant, your provider needs to continue testing for other issues, beginning with the most common issues and least invasive tests, and eventually progressing to less common issues and more invasive tests.

    Twelve percent of infertility cases could be resolved by the woman either gaining or losing weight. Many couples can improve their chances of getting pregnant by embracing a healthier lifestyle. Your doctor, therefore, should not focus solely on medications and surgical treatments.

    Ask whether lifestyle factors play a role in your fertility struggles. Your doctor should be able to tell you how relevant your lifestyle is, and how likely it is that lifestyle changes could help you have a child.

    Infertility Treatments Are Turning Into a Full-Time Job

    Infertility can be exhausting. You may have to leave work early or go in late to undergo treatments. You might need to take time off to recover from various procedures, or spend extra time in the bathroom giving yourself hormone injections.

    Ultimately, all of this effort will -- hopefully! -- be worth it. But a good fertility clinic can reduce some of the time you spend on treatments. Quality clinics offer extended evening and weekend hours so that you don’t have to take time off of work.

    They respect your time by never forcing you to wait longer than is absolutely necessary, and making scheduling appointments easy. And because fertility appointments often must follow a timetable that coincides with ovulation, intercourse, or recent hormone treatments, good clinics can get you in quickly when necessary.

    If your fertility clinic can’t do this for you, you deserve better. The Center of Reproductive Medicine is Houston’s premier infertility institute. We work to get you pregnant, keep you pregnant, and minimize the stress of treating fertility issues. With our team on your side, a pregnancy could be just a few appointments away.

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