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    How To Choose A Texas Fertility Center That's Right For You

    July 6, 2017 / by Center of Reproductive Medicine   

    Center of Reproductive Medicine


    If you have found that you are having a hard time getting pregnant and you live in Texas, there are a number of Texas fertility centers that you can choose from. Having a wide selection is a plus, because not just any fertility center will be the right fit for you. You will want to weed through all of your options, and since you cannot visit each and every one, you will need some tips on how to go about the initial elimination process.

    Try to whittle your list down to two to five options. Once you have that list, you can set up in-person consultations and bring a list of questions and requirements you have written down that will help you come to your final decision. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, take each step one at a time and make sure you are considering each thing carefully.

    Below, you will see how you can simplify this process and that, with this knowledge, you will be starting your fertility treatments in no time at all.

    What You Can Do From Home

    Research trustworthy sources

    See if your friends, family, or a trusted physician can provide you with any referrals. Knowing that someone you trust had a good experience with a clinic or specialist is very encouraging. Also, check the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology’s website. This is an incredibly reliable source where you can find the necessary information to help you pinpoint the most promising and successful fertility centers.

    Check the hours of operation and insurance

    Make sure the clinic has flexible hours that will work with your schedule and that they accept your health insurance. Without these things you will be stretched way too thin in an already stressful situation.

    Make sure you don’t live too far away from the location

    You are going to be traveling back and forth from this clinic a lot. It may be tempting initially to go with a highly rated clinic even though it’s in another town, but you will tire of this quickly. Make sure that it isn’t too much of a trek and will only end up causing stress to the rest of your life.

    Check the clinic’s success rates

    All IVF clinics are required to report their success rates yearly, and they will change by the year. IVF success rates may change based on factors, such as:

    • the quality of the eggs and a woman’s age
    • the quality of the sperm
    • the skill and ability of the IVF team
    • other possible health conflicts

    Clinics that are smaller in size and accept less patients may have a vast difference in numbers each year. Consider all of these elements when checking a clinic’s success rates.

    Questions To Ask At Your Consultation

    Once you have narrowed down your list, the goal now is to make sure that you feel comfortable and confident with the clinic itself and the specialist that you will be working with. Ask them these questions and pay attention to how their responses affect you. This relationship should provide you with confidence and security. Take notes on each of the consultations and compare the different experiences you have at each clinic.

    • What are my personal chances of getting pregnant?
    • What is the treatment you see working best for me and why?
    • What tests will I need to take before the treatment begins and why?
    • How long will the entire process take and what does it all entail?
    • Are they any side effects to this treatment?
    • If we don’t achieve pregnancy, how long do I have to wait before trying again?
    • How much is all of this going to cost?
    • What payment methods do you accept?
    • How often will I be making payments?
    • Will I always see the same doctor when I visit?
    • What counseling or support groups are made available to your patients?

    Make a list of pros and cons from the different Texas fertility clinics you have visited to help you make your decision. Make sure that you feel good about each answer that you have received. Consider carefully why it may be that you feel unsure about a clinic and if it has to do this the answers you received or the general feel of the place.

    It is easy to feel unsure in the process, that is why it is important to choose a fertility center and specialist that you feel extremely comfortable asking anything and expressing your concerns to. Remember that this decision is about you, your health, and the future of your family. Trust yourself that you know what is best for you.

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