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Houston Fertility Journal

Is IVF Right For You?

Know the Facts: Important Reproductive Medicine Statistics in Texas

Are You Having Trouble Getting Pregnant? You have Options

What's the Problem? Understanding and Knowing What Might Be Causing Your Infertility

Is it Him? What You Need to Know About Male Infertility

At What Age is It Too Difficult to Conceive?

How Long Does it Take Sperm to Fertilize an Egg after IUI?

How Common are False Positive Pregnancy Tests?

Hysteroscopy for Infertility: Why, When, and How

Female Infertility: Common Signs and Red Flags to Pay Attention To

Negative Pregnancy Test: Why You Could Receive A False Positive

What are the Different Types of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)?

What Medicines are used to Treat Infertility in Women?

8 Frequently Asked Questions about IVF

How To Choose A Fertility Clinic Or Specialist

The Effects of Alcohol on Fertility

Can Taking Certain Medications Result in a False Positive Pregnancy Test?

Implantation after IUI: What Symptoms to Look For

Female Infertility Testing and Diagnosis

Can a Gynecologist Test for Infertility?

8 Ways to Boost Your Fertility

What are some of the causes of infertility?

Can thyroid problems affect fertility?

Infertility Care Simplified: Let's Break it Down

Weight and Infertility: Are they related?

How does Age affect Fertility?

IVF is not for Everyone: What your Fertility Specialist wants you to know

Looking for a Fertility Specialist?

When Should You Contact an Infertility Specialist?

How is Infertility Diagnosed?

What is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)?

Is IVF the Only Solution for Infertility?

Should you get your Fertility Tested before trying to Conceive

Pregnancy After Miscarriage: What You Should Know

5 Common Signs of Infertility in Men

5 Common Signs of Infertility in Women

What Causes a False Positive Pregnancy Test?

Infertility: 10 Things You’ll Wish You Knew Earlier

What to Expect After IUI

Signs of Infertility: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Introduction to Infertility

Fertility: Expectations vs. Reality

10 Misconceptions You Have About Infertility Specialists

What is an Infertility Specialist?

5 Signs it's Time to See an Infertility Specialist

3 Important Considerations before choosing a Fertility Specialist

The Worlds Worst Fertility Advice

Don’t Switch Fertility Clinics Until You Read This

Get Rid of Your Fear of Fertility Clinics Once and For All

Is a Fertility Specialist Right For You?

Are You Thinking of Switching Fertility Doctors?

Beaumont Patient Support Group

Mistakes You’re Making While Trying to Grow Your Family

5 Misconceptions about Infertility Specialists that are Holding you Back

7 Hurdles Couples going through Infertility Treatment Commonly Face

4 Things All Infertility Specialists Want

Seeing an Infertility Specialist does not Automatically mean IVF

PCOS and Its Impact on Infertility, Treatments and Outcomes

What You can expect in a New Patient Consultation

4 Qualities you Really Need in an Infertility Specialist

A Fertility Specialist may be the Secret Ingredient you are Missing

Why No one talks about Infertility Treatments Anymore

The Evolution of Infertility Treatment

5 Infertility Myths That Should Send You Running For Cover

What is A Hysteroscopy?

When Should You Seek A Second Opinion?

What You Need To Know About Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss

September Is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Important Advice for New Couples Facing Infertility

Infertility Doesn’t Have To Be Scary -- With The Right Help Parenthood Is Just Around The Corner

Want To Improve Your Fertility? Here’s What You Can Do

The Facts: What You Need To Know To Get Pregnant

Fertility Myths Exist For Many Reasons: What Are They And Why

Your Mental And Spiritual Health During Your Infertility Journey

Why Freezing Your Eggs Could Be The Most Important Decision You Make

Infertility Isn’t Only a Female Issue

Dr. Vicki L. Schnell, Selected as a Texas Super Doctor

Should You Switch Fertility Clinics? 5 Red Flags That You Should Be Mindful Of

A Closer Look At Male Infertility

How To Choose A Texas Fertility Center That's Right For You

Dr. John R. Crochet, Jr. Selected as a Texas Monthly Super Doctor Rising Star

5 Things To Help Prepare Your Body For IVF

Please Help Us Welcome Dr. Anu S.Q. Kathiresan

Can A Special Diet or Supplement Get You Pregnant?

Science 'Reveals' The Best Age To Have Children, But, Is It True?

What To Do If Your First IVF Cycle Is Unsuccessful

What To Look For When Deciding On a Fertility Specialist

Can an Abortion Cause Infertility?

5 Things to Expect at Your First Infertility Appointment

How Long Can You Wait To Have A Baby?

Why You Should Chat With a Fertility Specialist

Switching Fertility Clinics? 5 Things To Consider

Mother's Day 2017

Reasons For Infertility After Miscarriage

8 Things To Know About Fertility

National Infertility Awareness Week

Exercise During Pregnancy: Get Moving Baby!

Pregnancy Over 40: Will You Need The Help Of A Fertility Clinic?

Is It Time To Switch Fertility Specialists? Use This Checklist To Find Out

5 Things To Know About Fertility Clinic Success Rates

Getting Pregnant Naturally After Using IVF for Baby #1

Fertility Tracking Bracelet: Wishful Thinking?

Sex During Infertility Treatment

Infertility Happens: Fertility Specialists Are Here To Help

Speak to a Fertility Institute: Don't Rely on Google

Is There An Optimal Time To Start Infertility Treatment?

8 Questions for a Fertility Specialist

The Important Topics to Cover With Your Partner Before Getting Pregnant

A Brief Dive Into Male Infertility

Approaching Infertility in a Fertile World

Is It Ok to Get a Second Opinion When Picking a Fertility Specialist?

How Do I Know Which Fertility Specialist Is Right For Me?

Give This Guide to Your Husband During Fertility Treatment

How to Manage Stress During Fertility Treatment

Obesity and Infertility: What You Need to Know

6 Common Concerns About Whether Your Uterus is "Baby Friendly"

How Do Hormone Levels Impact Infertility?

Fertility Treatments vs Adoption: What You Should Consider

LGBT Pregnancy: How to Keep Your Partner Feeling Involved

Fertility Specialist vs. OB/GYN: Which One Should You See?

5 Signs You Need To See a Fertility Specialist Sooner Rather Than Later

How to Plan for the Cost of Surrogacy

Endometriosis and Infertility: What You Need to Know

Can A Sexually Transmitted Disease Cause Infertility?

The Importance of Preparing Your Body for Pregnancy

How Long Should it Take to Get Pregnant After The Pill

How To Know If It's Time for a New Infertility Institute

How Long Does Implantation Take After IUI

Frustrated? It Could Be Time to Switch Fertility Clinics

Fertility Benefits For Same Sex Couples

What You Need to Know About Infertility Treatments After Cancer

Does Birth Control Impact Fertility

The Truth About Stress and Fertility

Fertility Treatments for PCOS: What You Need to Know

IVF Side Effects: What to Expect During Treatment

Male Infertility: There's More to it Than Low Sperm Count

Is There a Link Between IVF and Cancer?

Top 10 Causes of Infertility

Tips for Choosing a Houston IVF Clinic

Facts and Myths About Secondary Infertility

IVF Outcomes: How to identify a Successful Clinic

Why Regular Ovulation Is Not Indicative of Fertility

The Complete IVF Process: A Beginner’s Guide of What You Need To Know

Will I Have IVF Success with Donor Eggs?

11 Reasons to Pursue IVF Genetic Testing

How to Know When to Switch Fertility Doctors

Yoga for Fertility: The Science Behind How It May Help

The Legal Considerations of Using a Third Party Sperm or Egg Donor

IVF vs IUI: Choosing The Right Procedure For Your Body

How to Choose a Surrogate to Carry Your Child

IVF Gender Selection: What The Experts Are Saying

How to Choose Between an Anonymous vs Open Sperm Donor

Signs of Infertility in Women: How to Recognize It's Time for Help

Fresh Vs. Frozen Embryo Transfer for IVF: Which is Better?

Doctor: Men Should Freeze Sperm Before Traveling to Zika-Infected Areas

10 Reasons to Choose the Center of Reproductive Medicine

LGBT Pregnancy Options: What's Right for You?

8 Ways to Increase Fertility in Men

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Fertility Specialist

40 is the New 35: What to Consider for Getting Pregnant at 40

5 Ways to Increase Fertility During Treatment

How to Choose a Fertility Clinic

Getting Pregnant After a Miscarriage: Time, Safety, & Health

Why Am I Not Getting Pregnant? Most Likely Scenarios

Timing is Everything: The Importance of Keeping a Fertility Calendar

The Best Fertility Tracking Apps: How to Pick the Right One for You

A Male Fertility Test Is Relatively Simple And Will Reveal Much

Finding the Infertility Sisterhood

15 Things I Learned From Infertility

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

AMH Fertility Screening

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