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    5 Things To Help Prepare Your Body For IVF

    June 30, 2017 / by Center of Reproductive Medicine   

    Center of Reproductive Medicine


    Preparing for something as life changing as fertility treatment can be approached in many different ways. When it comes to your body, so many things are important. Your physical, mental, and emotional health all comes into play. It is easy to cast your emotions aside and give more importance to the state of your physical being when considering things such as this, but you shouldn’t. Your entire body plays a role in the success of IVF.

    For most participants, IVF is not the first option they go through for fertility treatment. Most people have likely been through years of failed infertility treatments. So there are elements about this process that will be new, but also some that will be familiar. In any case, the whole thing is bound to take a toll on you. Here are 5 ways that you can prepare your body for what most people experience during the IVF process.

    1. Take Care Of Your Mind And That Of Your Partner

    You are most likely already feeling a little deflated about things, and your relationship with your partner may be going through some hardship during this time as well. The two of you should find a way to be in completely open communication about your emotions. You should feel as though you understand each other completely before you enter into your IVF cycle. Set aside some time each day to check in with one another, then move on and put all talking about it aside. Counseling is also a very wise option for those who have difficulty expressing themselves on such a difficult topic.

    2. Get The Appropriate Testing

    Your physician will ask you to go through some tests to evaluate you and your partner's health status, such as:

    • ovarian reserve testing
    • semen analysis
    • infectious disease testing
    • uterine cavity exam 

    This will help your physician to identify how your body will take to the treatment. This is standard procedure and will give you and your doctor the information necessary to move forward in the most productive way possible.

    3. Fully Understand The Process

    As you go into this process, make sure you fully understand what the steps will be. This will help you and your partner prepare efficiently. IVF involves steps, such as:

    • fertility shots that increase follicle production and stop ovulation
    • after the eggs have matured the embryos must be retrieved/these embryos will be tested for disabilities if you so desire
    • you will have the option to freeze the remaining embryos

    4. Be Aware Of The Risks

    IVF has it’s risks. It can be very taxing on you and your partner and you may experience a lot of stress and anxiety. In addition, the medical risks that are normally associated with IVF include:

    • multiple births (becoming pregnant with multiple babies presents issues such as early labor)
    • premature deliveries
    • ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome
    • miscarriage
    • egg retrieval complications
    • ectopic pregnancy
    • birth defects

    5. Join An IVF Support Group

    There are many couples that go through this process and find that joining a support group help them. This process is bound to be incredibly stressful. Being in touch with people who are going through the same thing can make a world of difference.

    Your Health Matters

    Your doctor should prescribe you with quality nutrients to improve your cycle in order to increase the possibility of your success. The follicles should be receiving nutrients that protect them from damage and improve their integrity. Make sure that you feel as though your doctor is giving you all the information that you need. You should feel only support by your caregiver. if you are feeling stressed, find people that will understand your position. Do what you need to do to take care of yourself. In times like these, you need your body as much as your body needs you.

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