Learn How to Become a Surrogate

Parenthood is possible with the help of caring gestational carriers like you who understand what it means to start a family. You can become a gestational surrogate if you are:

  • Age 21 to 39
  • BMI between 18-32; height and weight proportionate
  • No criminal history
  • Have carried and given birth to a child at least once
  • Not currently receiving government assistance
  • Drug-free and non-smoker
  • Agree to do psychological testing for surrogate and spouse/partner

Become a Surrogate

Gestational Surrogacy

A process which starts with YOU!

A life-changing journey that benefits the lives of many


Help single males or females, married couples, heterosexual or same-sex couples to start a family


Share the gift of life with those who cannot achieve the dream of parenthood


Understand the difference between Gestational and Traditional Surrogacy